Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Child's Play / Rat Race (1990)

Damn, this is a very good hard rock album. Big hooks, huge melodies, a 'fat' production, a very good lead singer and some amazing guitar solos and riffs! I have discovered this band lately and took me by surprise! It reminds me a bit of Skid Row, Motley Crue and some heavier Bon Jovi. But the most impressive thing here is the guitar sound! The guitars have a tottaly big sound and some of the solos here are awesome! Nice work. 'Rat Race' was the band's debut album, in 1990. After three years, 1993, they released a second one which I'll try to find it. 'Good Ol' Rock N' Roll' is the opener track here and rocks big time. Soaring vocals, big pounding drums and a catchy chorus line. 'Day After Night' is another big anthemic track. 'My Bottle' starts as a mid-tempo with an acoustic guitar and then....comes the real thing. An impressive hard rockin' song with a strong bluesy elements. 'Rat Race' is an average tune. Ok, is up-tempo and it has a good vibe but it lacks of a good chorus. 'Wind' is an acoustic one and probably the weakest track here. 'Evicted' is a filler!! Uninspired and kinda of boring but with a very good guitar work. ' Knock Me Out' is a killer!! 'Girl Like You' and 'Pay Your Dues' are both rockin' good. 'Capricorn/Bang Bang' and 'Damned if I Do' are probably the highlights here. Awesome hard rock tracks! 'When Hell Freezes Over' which closes the album is a decent one.
All in all this is a very good hard rock album. Maybe a couple of fillers here but the final result is overall solid. A real blast from the past and a must have for the fans of Skid Row, Cinderella, Lynch Mob, Motley Crue and Xyz. 
HeavyParadise's Rating: 8/10

1. Good Ol' Rock and Roll 4:24 2. Day After Night 3:25 3. My Bottle 4:38 4. Rat Race 3:26 5. Wind 3:48 6. Evicted 3:46 7. Knock Me Out 3:26 8. Girl Like You 3:43 9. Capricorn/Bang Bang 3:57 10. Pay Your Dues 3:09 11. Damned if I Do 3:46 12. When Hell Freezes Over 3:33

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