Monday, October 15, 2018

REVIEW : Bonfire --- Legends (AFM Records, 19 October 2018)

Without any doubt good music can travel you away, it has the power to bring back memories and it can make you feel happy, sad, powerful, or even relaxed. It can make your body physically want to move and it speaks right into the listener’s soul. But, most of all, good music is timeless, whatever are the trends or styles.

I think that these were the thoughts of the German legendary band Bonfire in order to release an album full of covers. And, when I'm saying covers, I mean timeless rock songs that stood through the test of time and put a smile among the face of every rock fan when pushing the play button. 

The band consists of Alex Stahl on vocals, Hans Ziller and Frank Pané on guitars, Ronnie Parkes on bass, Tim Breideband on drums and the addition of Paul Morris on keyboards.

We're talking about an 32-track album that covers some great and timeless tunes from bands such as Grave Digger, Hardline, TOTO, Survivor, House Of Lords, Killer Dwarfs, Rainbow, Queensrÿche or even Robin Beck to name a few!!! 

All the songs here are performed in a very special way and that means that Bonfire kept the original feeling and vibe but, also, put their own identity and the result, in most of the songs here, is simply amazing. Some of the songs that are featured in "Legends" are Africa, Eye Of The Tiger, Jet City Woman, Hot Cherie, I Wanna Be Loved, The First Time, Doctor Doctor and I Surrender just to get a small taste of what's to expect of. 

All in all this is an extremely interesting double-cd that will please each and every rock fan out there and will wake up sweet memories from the golden days of this scene. 

Music once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit that never dies
Edwin Bulwur- Lytton

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