Friday, November 3, 2017

REVIEW : Houston -- III (2017)

The AORsters HOUSTON are not 'new' in the melodic world. Since the band's creation back in 2010, Houston is synonymous with quality AOR/Westcoast music. With already four albums on their back, these Swedes are now back in business with yet another high-class melodic rock record simply entitled "III".

The band consists of Hank Erix  on lead vocals, Soufian Ma'Aoui on bass, Calle Hammar on guitars n' backing vocals, Victor Lundberg on keyboards and Oscar Lundström on drums.

This is in my humble opinion, their best record to-date, period! It's an album that will be appreciated by each and every single fan of the melodic rock scene in general, no doubt 'bout that. As singer Hank Erix explains, “It’s been a very creative time with Martin, it’s great to find a producer that brings out the best in you for every single take. Personally I’ve never delivered such a vocal performance as on this album. I really found my sound and I have matured musically since our last album and especially since our debut in 2010. This is a new beginning for Houston.”

The opening tune of "Cold As Ice" is pure melodic rock bliss at its best! Smooth and classic AOR stuff that includes crunchy guitars and above all Erix's amazing vocal lines. Excellent stuff! With "Dangerous Love", the first single, Houston delivers an ultra-catchy, super-cool and very commercial melodic rock tune. I'm blown away by its catchyness!!! "Lights Out" is a beautiful and more laid-back tune while in "Amazing" the title says it all; yep, we have another winner out of the new record. Classy AOR/Westcoast!! "Glass Houses" reminded me a bit of Street Talk and "Road To Ruin" is pure candy in my ears.

This is simply an amazing record all the way! As I already mentioned above, Houston is a band that when it comes to quality, they don't disappoint! Beautiful melodies, great arrangements, superb vocals and some excellent tunes compose this magical album!

Rating : 10/10

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