Monday, August 28, 2017


This is another release that I was looking forward to listening to. The Darren Phillips Project is a new sensational all-star project that, besides the mastermind Darren Phillips, it, also, includes a bunch of some high-skilled, extremely talented and well-known musicians such as Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), Enzo Almanzi (White Widdow), Robbie LaBlanc, Sisters Doll, Philip Lindstrand, Michael Palace (Palace, Kryptonite) and Erik Heinke among others!!!

A pretty impressive list, don't you think? But hold on a second; this new record also, features Harry Hess and Erik Martensson (Eclipse) that both artists contributed to the mastering in a couple of songs. "Volume One" was produced by Darren Phillips and Daniel Skeed and the official release date is scheduled on 23.9.2017. So, mark this day on your calendar and go and buy this little gem.

As you can all assume by reading the musicians that were included in this project, the sound here is moving between melodic rock, AOR and some edgier hard rock stuff! Yes, you are guessing right, The Darren Phillips Project is an album that can't be missed by any fan of the melodic scene in general.

The opening tune of "Ready To Fly" is the first highlight. Dennis Ward on lead vocals is doin' an excellent job and the guitar duo of Enzo Almanzi and Heinke is simply breathtaking. "Heartbreaker" is edgier, groovier, it includes a bad-ass attitude and I just love Lindstrand's vocals here.  "Heart Attack" (feat. Sisters Doll) is a good, up-tempo and more late 80's hard rock track that includes some huge guitar work (by Enzo Almanzi). With "I Believe", we are dealing with yet another killer melodic hard rock gem. Man, I just love this one! Robbie LaBlanc (Find Me) vocals are pure gold and the chorus line is pure heaven!!!

"Monday" (feat. Skeed on lead vox and M. Palace on guitars) is an excellent track! Moodier with Skeed's soulful vocals and a melody to die for. (Check out the video for this song here : ) Darren Phillips has a really warm voice and that's a thing that can be heard in the next song with the title "Cold Turkey". This is a beautiful mid-tempo tune. The edgier "Defying Gravity" and the groovier "One Shoot" are two more great samples of a great record!

As I said in the beginning this is an album that I was looking forward to listening to. I had high expectations and after the very first spin all my expectations were fulfilled positively. This is a great record all the way, period! It includes some excellent and inspired melodies, hooks and choruses to sing-a-long for days, superb performances and, most of all it includes heart and soul! Well done Darren!!!!

Rating : 9,5/10

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