Wednesday, May 3, 2017

REVIEW : That Rock Guy – Nothin’ To Lose (2017)

THAT ROCK GUY is probably one of the most hard working bands out there! Performing over 1000+ live shows in the last three years alone it is quite impressive! So, the time is right for That Rock Guy to release its debut album with the title "Nothin' To lose".

This debut kicks-off with a song called "Superstar". A big sound, lots of 'whoa' and boom, the song explodes into a great arena monster ready to make you sing-a-long!! Very 80's hard rock song that impressed me at once and left me curious of what's coming next. "Your Dreams Are Keeping Us Together" is yet another killer and very rockin' song that makes you wanna turn on the volume louder! The vocals, and the sound here, reminds me a bit of earlier The Almighty (and that's a good thing).

"Through The Night" has this amazing and ultra catchy chorus, along with its haunting melody, that sticks in your mind for days while in "Never Gonna Say Goodbye" we are dealing with a brilliant and, again, very 80's power ballad. Excellent stuff!! "Bring On The Night" is an up-tempo and feel-good tune and "Without You" is a very good ballad.

That rock guy is just the right rock guy to wake you up with its powerful, up-tempo and old-fashioned hard rock music. An impressive debut that you have to check it out right away!!

Rating : 8,5/10


  1. Awesome - can't wait to hear the album!!! 😊

  2. Awesome ... can't wait to see him live in concert! :)