Saturday, May 6, 2017


Now this is a record that I was looking forward to listening to impatiently!! Their debut album was a damn fine piece of pure early 80's hard rock stuff in the vain of bands such as Whitesnake, Bad Company and Deep Purple (just to name a few). So, Inglorious' brand new 'II' opus is finally here and after the first spin I have to say that is another great one.

The opening tune of "I Don't Need Your Loving" is just gold!! It's one of these tunes that grabs your attention at once and leaves you hungry for more with their classic heavy rock sound and the big groove. Somewhere between heavier Whitesnake and Thunder this track is really stunning and, of course, a true highlight out of "II". "Taking The Blame" is faster and with more attitude and it's another big moment out of the new record.

"Read All About It" and the heavy bluesier tune of "Change Is Comin'" are two more solid samples of Inglorious music. The vocals are powerful, the guitars are heavy, still melodic, and both tracks feature great arrangements and a late 80's classic hard rock vibe that every fan of this genre should love.

The stormy and classic sound continues with songs like "Hell Or High Water", the fast-paced "No Good For You" and the emotional mid-tempo "Faraway".

Inglorious is a band that plays classic hard rock music in a way that it should be played; loud, dirty and with lots of attitude. If you are a fan of the 80's classic heavy rock sound, then you'll love Inglorious. 

Rating : 9/10

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