Sunday, April 23, 2017


A couple of years back I reviewed a really interesting album that grabbed my attention at once. Sailing To Nowhere's debut release, "To The Unknown", was a damn fine slice of melodic power metal platter full of strong melodic lines, heavy riffs and solos, solid performances and a bunch of some killer songs that left me with a sweet impression.

Nowadays, this Italian melodic power metal/hard rock band from Italy is back with album number two with the title "Lost In Time".

After the intro of "Lost In Time" comes the first highlight of the new opus. "Scream Of The World" is very very good!! The heavy guitars are perfectly harmonized with a fantastic and epic melody and along with the strong vocal duties (the dynamic duo of vocals is really strong) leaves you hungry and curious of what's to follow next.

The 'cinematic' start of "Ghost City" continues with more power, attitude and melody in this really interesting symphonic metal tune. The song includes an amazing guitar solo! "Suffering In The Silence" is among my personal favorites here. Up-beat with a strong Amaranthe-esque vibe in it and a more commercial sound this one is just super! I like a lot the more straight forward rocker of "Fight For Your Dreams" and the song that closes this new album, the ballad "Start Again" that impressed me the most with its melody and its darker vibe.

Sailing To Nowhere with this second album achieves to take things a step further regarading their solid debut. For sure we can expect bigger things from them in the near future. 

Rating : 8/10

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