Sunday, November 27, 2016

REVIEW : Vicolo Inferno “Stray Ideals” (2016)

Vicolo Inferno is an Italian Heavy Rock band and "Stray Ideals" is entitled its brand new album. Vicolo Inferno released its debut EP in 2005, "Fire Coverz", and they toured to promote it. In 2012, the band completed the recordings of its first full-length record, "Hourglass", and next year "Hourglass" saw the light of day.

The band toured to promote Hourglass, with 6 gigs in the UK, and in 2016, with a brand new line-up including Michele Gollini on drums and Wallace (ex-Showstripsilence) on bass, the band completed the writing and recording processes of its second album “Stray Ideals”.

After a couple spins of "Stray Ideals" I have to admit that this new record is overall a solid one. Heavy guitars, powerful vocals, groove, a 'darker' vibe' and an 'alternative' feeling are the ingredients here.

"Rude Soul" is the first highlight and one of my personal tunes here. It sounds like it jumped out from Pearl Jam's (I love this band) earlier works and it includes a 'dark' and heavy rhythm that grabbed me at once. Nice!!! "Two Matches", (feat. Caterina Minguzzi) is a very good mid-tempo and more melodic rocker that with the addition of the female vocals is yet another favorite song. "Ambush" features a nice groove in it while in the instrumental "On Road's Edge"  the band delivers a more Southern Rock vibe!!! "Noise Of Silence" is 'punchier' and features some very good solos.

Closing my review of Vicolo Inferno's newest album I have to say that overall is a good record. These guys have talent and that's a thing that can be heard in most of the songs here. I would prefer more melody and some killer tracks that could rocket the final result in another level but let's not complain; Well done!!!

Rating : 7/10

1. Grey Matter Brain
2. Dirty "Magazzeno"
3. Rude Soul
4. Stray Ideals
5. Two Matches
6. Unnameables
7. Ambush
8. Heartwoofer
9. On Road's Edge
10. Rough Hills
11. Noise Of Silence
12. Crosses Market
13. Blood Mist


Igor Piattesi - Vocals
Marco Campoli - Guitar
Wallace - Bass

Michele “Gollo” Gollini - Drums

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