Saturday, September 3, 2016

REVIEW : Crystal Ball / DÉJÀ-VOODOO (2016)

The melodic hard rock/metal act Crystal Ball is back with its, already 9th official release, brand new opus which is entitled "DÉJÀ-VOODOO". Their last, "Life Rider", album, was an overall great one and featured some killer tunes in it.

The band started its music journey back in 1999 with "In The Beginning" and since then achieved to create a strong fan-base with many solid records. The perfect balance between the classic Hard Rock sound and the more Melodic Metal approach makes Crystal Ball a very interesting band for each and every fan of this particular scene.

"Deja-Voodoo" is the opening tune and it opens the new opus with style; a heavy riffing, aggressive and powerful vocals and a catchy chorus are the ingredients of this really solid opener. Next, "Director's Cut" and we have a more fast-paced rocker that grabs you at once and makes you wanna turn up the volume on 10!!!  "Suspended" is a killer one!! A more straight forward hard rock gem with a huge chorus line to sing-a-long. For sure, one of the highlights here.  The modern with the anthemic chorus "Never A Guarantee"  is yet another great moment while in "Home Again" Crystal Ball delivers a very emotional ballad. "Time And Tide" is a song that recalls Pink Cream 69's earlier works and its among my favorites from the new album. The digi-pack edition features two bonus tracks, Full Disclosure & Fools' Parade, and its a great opportunity for those who are into these editions.

Crystal Ball is for sure a band that doesn't disappoint. A damn solid band that stays true and with each release is ready to blow your speakers with its powerful and in-your-face melodic metal dynamite!!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Déjà-Voodoo
2. Director's Cut
3. Suspended
4. Never A Guarantee
5. Reaching Out
6. Home Again
7. To Freedom And Progress
8. Time And Tide
9. Without A Net
10. Full Disclosure (*)
11. Fools' Parade (*)
12. Dr. Hell No
13. To Be With You Once More
(*) Digipak Bonus

Steven Mageney - Vocals
Scott Leach - Guitars
Tony "T.C." Castell - Guitars
Cris Stone - Bass
Marcel Sardella – Drums

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  1. They're pretty good! I'm not sure if i like the 80s metal vocals but i guess it's their style.. /Maniac Mac