Thursday, April 7, 2016

REVIEW : SHIRAZ LANE / For Crying Out Loud (2016)

I guess that these youngsters from Finland have learned all their lessons well from legendary bands like Aerosmith, Skid Row and Guns N' Roses and nowadays they are ready to present us their debut record which is entitled "For Crying Out Loud". Shiraz Lane is not a new bee in the Hard Rock scene; since its creation the band has already released four EP's, video-singles and toured in many places.

Their music is high-energetic, up-tempo with plenty of melodies, enough hooks and choruses to sing-a-long for days and a bad-ass attitude that brings back memories from the glorious days of the late 80's, early 90's.

"Wake Up", the opener, sounds like it jumped out from Skid Row's debut album! Hannes Kett, the lead singer, with its sleaze and nasty vocals gives an extra flavor to this really stunning tune. "House Of Cards" includes more groove while in "Begging For Mercy" Shiraz Lane delivers another classic 80's influenced song. The chorus line here is catchy as hell!!! Next, "Same Ol' Blues" and the band is ready for its first ballad. And yes, we have another winner out of this really amazing debut. A true 80's power ballad that stays true to Shiraz Lane influences. Are you ready for some good and ass-kickin' rock 'n' roll stuff? Check out, then, the Motley Crue-esque "Mental Slavery" or the high-energetic "For Crying Out Loud".

Shiraz Lane brings back the late 80's, early 90's, U.S. sleaze hard rock sound with this truly amazing debut that will blow up your mind with its attitude!! For sure, one of the most impressive debuts that I've heard this year!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01. Wake Up
02. Momma s Boy
03. House of Cards
04. Begging for Mercy
05. Same Ol’ Blues
06. Mental Slavery
07. Behind The 8-Ball
08. For Crying Out Loud
09. Bleeding
10. M.L.N.W

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