Sunday, March 20, 2016

REVIEW : Thunderstone / Apocalypse Again (2016)

To be really honest with you here,"Apocalypse Again" is my first 'meeting' with the melodic power metal band of Thunderstone. Thunderstone's debut album was released back in 2002 and followed four records (The Burning, Tools Of Destruction, Evolution 4.0 and Dirt Metal with Rick Altzi (At Vance) on lead vocals) til' the band's split. Nowadays, Thunderstone is back in business with its original singer Pasi Rantanen, and it's ready to unleash this superb melodic power metal monster which is entitled "Apocalypse Again".

As I already mentioned above, "Apocalypse Again" is the first sample that I've heard from this band and, to be honest, I was really thrilled!!! Yes, this is a damn fine slice of pure and quality metal stuff that includes superb performances, heavy guitars, plenty of melodies and great arrangements!! It's a classy and, at the same time, classic power metal stuff with an updated sound and the necessary 80's hard rock/metal pinches for the extra flavor!

The new album starts with the powerful and 'speedy' "Veterans Of The Apocalypse". An overall good tune but with a huge hook and chorus line that makes you sing-a-long. Next, "The Path", we are dealing with the first big moment of "Apocalypse Again". These guys knows for sure how to deliver a melodic metal anthem!! In "Through The Pain", Thunderstone sounds like Allen-Lande's project!!! Yes, this is a monstrous heavy track with a huge melody that takes no prisoners!!! Pasi Rantanen's vocals are top notch and generally everything in this song is simply breathtaking. "Walk Away Free" and the brilliant in-your-face "Wounds" will blow you away!!!!!

Bottom line is that Thunderstone with this brand new record hits you like a hammer and achieves to release a thunderous opus that combines perfectly melody with power!!! Buy or die!!!

Rating : 9,2/10

Track Listing :
01. Veterans Of The Apocalypse
02. The Path
03. Fire And Ice
04. Through The Pain
05. Walk Away Free
06. Higher
07. Wounds
08. Days Of Our Lives
09. Barren Land

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  1. Yihhaa! T'stone is back with superb... it was worth waiting