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With their debut album in 1989, Shotgun Messiah made a big impression in the sleaze hard rock scene with its attitude, the big choruses, the amazing guitar work and the tight production. In 1991, the band released its second album, this time with Tim Skold on lead vocals.

Twenty-two years later the particular disk is considered one of the best releases of that era!! A huge sound with amazing guitar work from an incredible high skilled and very talented guitarist, Harry Cody, a crystal clear production, catchy as hell songs and passionate vocal performances by Tim Skold.

Personally, "Second Coming" is one of these discs that "stick" in your mind from the first listen. It starts off with the catchy and guitar-driven tune of "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll" and continues with more sleaze "Red Hot". "Living Without You" is just a perfect power ballad! The melody is divine and the guitar work of Harry Cody is unique in this wonderful track! Each song contains something unique to offer as the inspiration and talent of the band unfolds amply and generously into one disc! Listen also  "Can't Fool Me", "Babylon", "Ride The Storm" and their big MTV hit "Heartbreak Blvd" and you will understand what I am talking about.

Two years later, they released the "different" but overall very good "Violent New Breed" and then, like many bands back then they dissapeared!! Pity because Shotgun Messiah had it all to become huge rockstars and take the lead in this scene. We will just remember them and, every time we put  into the cd player the "Second Coming", we will put aside the problems of everyday life and will stray into other seasons!

HeavyParadise's Rating : 10/10

Track List : 
1.  Sexdrugsrock'n'roll  
2.  Red Hot  
3.  Nobody's Home  
4.  Living Without You  
5.  Heartbreak Blvd  
6.  I Want More  
7.  Trouble  
8.  Ride The Storm  
9.  I Wanna Know  
10.  Babylon  
11.  Free  
12.  You and Me  
13.  Can't Fool Me  

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