Thursday, March 24, 2016

REVIEW : HARDREAMS / Countdown Time (2016)

Since its creation, in 2004, the Spanish melodic hard rock band of Hardreams has offered us three solid releases of pure melodic rock stuff in the vain of Dokken, Harem Scarem, TEN, Whitesnake and Survivor (to name a few of the band's influences). Nowadays, Hardreams is ready to present the brand new record which is entitled "Countdown Time" through Perris Records.

Personally, I found "The Road Goes On" the band's best album to date. It was, and still is, a damn fine piece of Euro Melodic Rock stuff that includes a bunch of some catchy and well-written tracks with a fresh and updated approach. With their latest effort, "Unbroken Promises", Hardreams delivered another classy album and achieved to gain more popularity.

"Fire Child", which opens the new record, get's you immediately in Hardreams world; a world full of melodies, passionate vocals, crunchy guitars and sweet harmonies. For sure, one of the album's highlights. "More Than One Life" includes a really nice, U.S. flavored. tempo, a 'clever' chorus line and a 'tasty' guitar work. "Best Days Of Our Lives", "Into Our Dreams" and "Summertime" are all three superb slices of pure melodic rock/AOR heaven!!! "Give Me" is yet another interesting moment out of "Countdown Time". It has a more modern and 'different' approach, almost jazzy in some parts, and the result is brilliant. Another personal favorite of mine is the stunning up-tempo rocker of "Soul Mates".

A big well done to this Spanish melodic rock band for releasing such a great and refreshing record!!!

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Fire Child
2. More than One Life
3. Best Days of Our Lives
4. Into Our Dreams
5. A New Beginning
6. Summertime
7. Give Me
8. Countdown Time
9. Crying
10. Soul Mates
11. Lights and Shadows

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