Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tears From Venere join Atomic Stuff

Atomic Stuff Promotion proudly welcomes in its roster rock 'n' rollers Tears From Venere to promote their recently released self produced debut album “Temporary Lives”.

Track List:

1. Roulette
2. Temporary Lives
3. My Name Is V
4. Release Me
5. Never Look Back
6. Raise Your Voice
7. One More Night
8. Hey God
9. Fame And Glory


Vincenzo Santoriello - Vocals / Guitar
Andrea Morelli - Guitar / Backing vocals
Simone Morelli - Bass / Backing vocals
Matteo Rendina - Drums


Tears From Venere is an Italian rock n' roll band formed in 2011. On December of the very same year they recorded their first sample and started a live tour in Northern Italy, culminating with their performance at summer festival Varallo Pop in July 2012. On December they recorded their first EP called “A Long Road For Happiness…” featuring 5 songs. Singles “Brothers In War” and “Catch Us If You Can” were released in February 2013 and aired by several local radios. 

On March 16th the “A Long Road Tour” started. In 2014, the band entered the studio to record their first full-length album “Temporary Lives”. The recording sessions have been entirely self-produced by the band, that also took care of the booklet layout and the storyboard for the video of the first extract “Release Me”, published on March 2015 ( 

On December, “Temporary Lives” was released and the band inked a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion. The music of Tears From Venere is rock contaminated with pop, punk and metal influences. The intention is to mix the different styles and the different musical influences of the band's members, while maintaining continuity in the atmospheres and sounds. Sharp riffs and choruses are among the best compositive attributes of the group.


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