Thursday, January 14, 2016

REVIEW : Brainstorm / Scary Creatures (2016)

BRAINSTORM were founded in 1989. The first years saw the band releasing several demos and participating in live gigs. The self-produced “Hungry” album was released in 1997 and received a good feedback. Just a year later, the band was back in the studio to record its second album with the title“Unholy”. The third album “Ambiguity” , featuring new vocalist Andy B. Franck, was a fact and again it received lots of praise from the press. In October 2001, BRAINSTORM made the big step with “Metus Mortis”, which became the band's international breakthrough. Numerous European magazines awarded it as “album of the month”.

Three very good records were followed, “Soul Temptation” (2003) "Liquid Monster" (2005) and “Downburst”(2008). The band's first album under the moniker of AFM Records was entitled “Memorial Roots” in 2008 and two years later “On The Spur Of The Moment”  was a fact. In April 2014, the band’s tenth studio album “Firesoul” became their highest-charting album ever in Germany (#43).

So, nowadays, this power metal band is about to unleash its brand new opus with the title "Scary Creatures". If you love this band, then you got to love this new record! The band continues to deliver powerful and classic power metal with sharp guitars and solid arrangements. The track that grabbed me at once is, the first video-single, the anthemic "We Are..".  Yes, this tune is simply breathtaking with its catchy chorus and, also, with this very clever orchestral part that gives the extra flavor. The opener, "The World To See" is yet another highlight out of the new album; heavy to the bone with some really impressive technical guitar licks and with a chorus that sticks into your mind for days. The Ozzy-like "Where Angels Dream" steals the show here while in "Take Me To The Never", with the ultra-catchy chorus line, the band delivers another big metal hymn!!!  

Brainstorm is back with a big record all the way! This is a big hooky metal stuff that includes powerful performances, crunchy and heavy guitars and tight songs that should be played loud....very loud!!!!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
 1. The World to See 
2. How Much Can You Take
3. We Are...
4. Where Angels Dream
5. Scary Creatures
6. Twisted Ways
7. Caressed by the Blackness
8. Scars in Your Eyes
9. Take Me to the Never
10. Sky Among the Clouds  

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