Thursday, October 8, 2015

REVIEW : BROKEN TEETH / Bulldozer (2015)

The razor heavy rock band of Broken Teeth, that features legendary vocalist Jason McMaster, is back with the brand new album which is entitled "Bulldozer". The new record features, also, two cover tracks, 'Lightning Strikes' (Aerosmith) and 'The Hammer'(Motorhead).

The band continues to deliver its well-known AC/DC-like thunderous heavy rock with powerful performances, razor guitars and a bad ass attitude! The opening tune of "Raining Fire" is a fast-paced and in-your-face rocker with a heavy riff and Mc Master's vocals in front row! In "Red River Rising", the AC/DC influences are making their appearance while in the next song, "The Rough And The Tumble", we are dealing with yet another killer hard rock gem that is build to be played in maximum volume! In "Flamethrower", the guys are offering a classic 'speedy' metal anthem and when it comes to the first cover, 'Lighting Strikes', Broken Teeth achieves to take a classic track from a classic band and make it sound like it is their own. "Devil On The Road" is a groovier and a kinda more rock 'n' roller while the tune, 'The Hammer' by Motorhead, that closes this short album is yet another highlight!

If you like your hard rock music 'ballsy' and with attitude, then look no further; you gonna love 'Bulldozer'!!!!!!

Rating : 8,4/10  

Track Listing:
1. Raining Fire
2. Red River Rising
3. The Rough and The Tumble
4. Flamethrower (previously available only as a digital download single)
5. Lightning Strikes (Aerosmith cover)
6. Devil on the Road
7. The Hammer (Motorhead cover)

Broken Teeth:
Jason McMaster - Vocals
Jared Tuten - Guitars
David Beeson - Guitars
Robb Lampman - Bass
Bruce Rivers - Drums

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