Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mad Hornet sign for Atomic Stuff Promotion

Mad Hornet sign for Atomic Stuff Promotion

Italian hard rock band Mad Hornet inked a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion, that will promote their latest album "Would You Like Something Fresh?". Mad Hornet are: Mic Martini (vocals), Ken Lance (guitar), El Piamba (bass) e Beats Frank (drums).

Track List:

1. Would You Like Something Fresh?
2. Your Body Talks
3. Dyin’ Love
4. Blue Blood
5. Free Rock Machine
6. Game Of Death
7. Raise ‘N’ Do It
8. Walking With You (In The Afternoon)
9. Pink Pants School
10. What Is Love [Haddaway cover]
11. Roses Under The Rain

Mad Hornet was born at the dawn of 2006 in Maruggio, a small town near Taranto, Italy. Consisting of five people, thanks to the presence of a keyboardist the band plays a pompous and melodic hard rock. A self-produced demo titled “Shout From The South" is recorded the very same year. A few months later they choose to continue without keyboards, moving to a more hair metal-oriented sound that characterizes their debut album "Hot Tarots", published in 2007. The album gets excellent feedback and is supported by several concerts with a highly positive response. Mad Hornet disbands in early 2009, when logistical issues and other problems causes the first stop. Ken Lance (Salvatore Destratis, guitar) starts many collaborations with national pop artists performing on tour with them in Italy and abroad, while the remaining members embrace projects related to their different musical influences, ranging from glam to progressive, from blues to funk. In 2013, with the addition of the powerful bass player El Piamba (Alessandro Saracino), who collaborated with Mic Martini (Mimmo Maiorano, vocals) and Beats Frank (Francesco Duggento, drums) in previous musical experiences, Mad Hornet reunites. After several gigs and the composition of new material, the band releases the new album "Would You Like Something Fresh?" which shows a growing maturity and a "colorful" approach due to the different musical backgrounds of each member. This word features powerful rock songs, moving melodies and melancholic atmospheres, performed with chemistry and passion. The self-produced album, published on February 2015, captures the attention of promo agency Atomic Stuff: the band inks a deal to promote "Would You Like Something Fresh?" on October 2015.


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