Sunday, July 26, 2015

REVIEW : EDGE OF THE BLADE / The Ghosts Of Humans (2015)

Edge Of The Blade is a new band that consists of experienced musicians such as Alan Kelly (Shy), John Francis (After Hours) and the very talented guitarist, keyboardist and producer Andrew Chick (who is doing a great work on this record).

"The Ghosts of Humans" marks the debut step that will certainly make an impression. The sound can be described as modern melodic hard rock / metal since, on one hand, we have some very beautiful melodies and the necessary AOR passages and, on the other, the guitars are those that characterize the final result as melodic metal. The rough vocals are quite impressive and match with the sound and finally giving a strong point in the final set.

There are some strong modern pinches as well (nu metal) that enrich the sound of Edge Of The Blade. Take for example "Mr. Hell " that reaches the limits of industrial (at the beginning of the track!!!). Listen, also, to the amazing tune of "River Runs Red" that its 'dark' approach and its bluesy feeling will carry you away as well as the modern and sharp "Taken" and, be sure, that you discover a band that's trying hard to make a difference and, at the end, succeeds in a really unique way.

Rating : 8,4/10

Track Listing :
01. Vital Signs
02. Believer
03. Everything I own
04. Mr. Hell
05. River Runs Red
06. Who’s in Control
07. The Taken
08. Down on my knees
09. The ghosts of humans
10. Promised Land

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