Saturday, June 20, 2015

REVIEW : Borealis / Purgatory (2015)

BOREALIS is a young and ambitious melodic metal band that comes from Canada and "Purgatory" is the band's third official release. BOREALIS was founded in 2005, when its members were teenagers. the band quickly wrote the first songs and recorded the debut album which was entitled “World Of Silence” in 2008. In 2010, BOREALIS started recordings for their sophomore album „Fall From Grace“, which was released by Lion Music and Hydrant (Japan) in April/May 2011.

The album received very positive reviews and the band participated in big festivals in the US (f. ex. ProgPower, Atlanta) and Europe (f. ex. PPM fest, Belgium), making the band known to a bigger audience. A North American tour with Saxon became the biggest highlight in the band’s still young career so far.

The music of Borealis is movin' across the classic Melodic Power Metal and Modern Metal frontiers including powerful performances, some really amazing guitar solos and riffs, plenty of melodies and some progressive pinches as well. Plus to the above mentioned things, a strong as rock production and there you have another highlight for 2015.

Already with the opening tune of "Past The Veil", Borealis make loud and clear that with this record are ready for big things! High quality metal stuff with blistering guitars, in-your-face, ala Russel Allen, vocals and a tight as hell musicianship compose the image of Borealis "who is who". "From The Ashes" (duet with Sarah Dee) is a more straight forward metal anthem with a big chorus line while the superb and melodic "The Chosen One" is yet another killer track out of the new record. In "Darkest Sin" we are dealing with a slow, emotional and 'darker' song that includes a beautiful epic melody. The modern and aggressive "My Peace" could easily appear in any of Allen/Lande 's album. Check out, also, "Sacrifice" and "Revelation" and the sure thing is that you'll discover a gem of an album.

Really thrilled from Borealis new album! This is an excellent record from start to finish, period! High class metal stuff at the highest order! These Canadians achieve to create a powerful album that includes big melodies, powerful performances, attitude and strong tracks that could easily be a classic in a few years! Well done!
Rating : 9,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Past The Veil
2. From The Ashes
3. The Chosen One
4. Destiny
5. Darkest Sin
6. My Peace
7. Place Of Darkness
8. Welcome To Eternity
9. Sacrifice
10. Rest My Child
11. Purgatory
12. Revelation

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