Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jolly Roger Records is pleased and excited to announce the signing of the contract with the italian prog-band Memento Waltz (featuring vocalist Marco Piu from Negacy), for the release of the debut album titled "Division by Zero" (self-released in September 2013) including "Antithesis of Time" as bonus tracks, coming out 14 September 2015 on Cd and Digital.

Memento Waltz was born in 1994 in Tempio Pausania (Sardinia, Italy) by the mind of Gabriele Maciocco, Livio Poier and Giuseppe Deiana.

After the release of an Ep called "Overcoming" (quickly sold-out) in 2004 and the entry of the singer Marco Piu in 2006, thanks to the promo Cd "Antithesis of Time" recorded in October 2010, the band played live in the prestigious Progpower Europe 2011 (The Netherlands), along with bands like Symphony X, Redemption, Mekong Delta. Year by year new influences and musical growth forged an unique sound, a perfect marriage of psychedelic melodies, dark and introspective atmospheres, polyhedral rhythms and lyrics of dreams and excited mind states, mainly inspired by bands like King Crimson, Ark, Watchtower, but also Spiral Architect and a great variety of jazz-oriented genres.

About "Division by Zero" :
High quality production values and a reasonable playing time at a mere 41 minutes means that this is an album that you can take in without brain overload- but understand that Memento Waltz is not an easy progressive metal listen. Supplementing the sound with brilliant guest guitar work from Pharaoh's Matt Johnsen, know that "Division by Zero" is one of the best progressive metal releases of 2013 [ETERNAL TERROR]

"Clearly influenced and similar with Fates Warning, Spiral Architect, Linear Sphere, Watchtower - these italians proved right from the beginning that they mean business in this field. Lots of tempo changes, complicated arrangements, the bass works is impressive most of the time, competent drumer, some good towards great guitar erobics and a powerful vocalist makes Memento Waltz a band to watch in the future." [PROG-ARCHIVES]

Marco Piu - Vocals
Livio Poier - Guitars
Giuseppe Deiana - Bass
Gabriele Maciocco - Drums & Percussions

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