Sunday, April 5, 2015

REVIEW : BLACKWELDER / Survival Of The Fittest (2015)

BLACKWELDER began as the long-awaited follow up of Seven Seraphim’s "Believe in Angels". The mastermind behind this new project is guitarist Andrew Szucs. Andrew began this music journey alone; he wrote all the songs and then started to look to members for Blackwelder. Bjorn Englen (DIO DISCIPLES, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) was the first to climb aboard, expertly adding his bass lines to the songs.

Then, Andrew had to decide about the lead shouter, a powerful singer. Not just any voice could do that. And who better to do that than the voice of Primal Fear: Ralf Scheepers. Aquiles Priester on drums (PRIMAL FEAR, HANGAR, ex-ANGRA) came to complete the line-up.

So, as you can see each member of the band has participated in great bands and with Andrew Szucs' amazing guitar skills a new metal band arises! The sound here can be described as pure melodic power metal that includes powerful vocal lines (thanks to the amazing Ralf Scheepers ), some really 'out of this world' riffs an' solos, a tight as hell musicianship, plenty of melodies and a solid production.

The first highlight here is "Spaceman". Yes, this little 80's metal babe is an excellent sample of Blackwelder's identity. Pure, ass-kickin' metal with a nice melody and an explosive chorus line! "Inner Voice", the catchy "With Flying Colors" and the 'darker' "Remember The Time" are all three superb slices of metal in an old-fashioned way that will please each and every metal-head out there.

Pedal to the metal with "Survival Of The Fittest"! Yes, this band/project achieves to deliver a classic and in-your-face metal record with 'clever' arrangements, a bunch of very experienced musicians and lots of attitude! Well done!
Rating : 8,4 /10

Track Listing :
1. The Night Of New Moon
2. Spaceman
3. Adeturi
4. Freeway Of Life
5. Inner Voice
6. With Flying Colors
7. Remember The Time
8. Play Some More
9. Oriental Spell
10. Judgement Day

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