Monday, April 6, 2015

REVIEW : HOLLOW HAZE / Memories Of An Ancient Time (2015)

Allow me to start this review by saying that I'm a huge fan of Hollow Haze's "Poison In Black" album! Till that record, I have never heard anything from this band; and till now this album is in a regular base in my cd player and it is among my favorite releases from this genre (melodic power metal).

The 2013 saw Hollow Haze with a new effort but, also, with a new vocalist. The well-known singer from his work with Rhapsody Of Fire and  Kamelot, Fabio Lione took the place of the lead shouter and without no doubt did a superb job regarding of the vocals.

Nowadays, the band is back in full-force with its brand new opus which is entitled "Memories Of An Ancient Time". Hollow Haze has recently parted ways with singer Fabio Lione, but shortly after it announced that Mats Leven, Rick Altzi and Amanda Somerville took part in the recording sessions as very special guest singers. The new album sees Hollow Haze movin' into some heavier and 'modern' metal paths without loosing its identity. They still remain heavy with a balls to the walls sound, plenty of melodies, a big and fat guitar sound and, of course, this time "Memories Of An Ancient Time" includes some breathtaking performances!! This time, I have to say also that this new one represents the second chapter of the trilogy start with "Countdown to Revenge".

Just check out the fast-paced heavy rocker tune of "Rain Of Fire Lights", the ultra catchy "Created To Live", the 'doom' "Night Is Calling",  the epic "Silvertown" that includes a killer guitar work (which is one of my favorite tracks here) and "Demon" and the sure thing is that you are gonna be hit by a metal thunder and beg out for some more!!

Hollow Haze's newest release, "Memories Of An Ancient Time" is probably their best album to date! They mix perfectly the late 80's classic metal scene with a fresh and more updated sound and the result is grandiosity!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
 1. Out in the Darkness (Intro)
2. Rain of Fire Lights
3. Created to Live
4. An Ancient Story
5. A New Era
6. Night Is Calling
7. Angeli di Fuoco
8. Silvertown
9. Eyes of the Sphinx
10. Lance of Destiny
11. Demon
12. Gate to the Eternity

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