Saturday, April 4, 2015


Do you remember Romeo's Daughter, the female-fronted band which back in the late 80's gave us a fantastic debut release? I'm sure that, if you are a true melodic rock/AOR fan, there is no chance not knowing this band. Romeo's Daughter has also released two more records; the solid and 'edgier' "Delectable" in 1993 and its comeback album, "Rapture" in 2012.

Nowadays, the band is back with album number four, "Spin", and they are ready, once again, to join their fans and to earn a few new ones. The new songs received an incredible reception at HRH 2015 and each member of Romeo's Daughter have previously worked at the highest levels with artists such as: Bonnie Tyler, Whitney Houston, Roxette, Meatloaf, Tom Jones, John Parr, Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ Kevin Rowland and, Ex GoGo, Jane Wiedlin!

The new album includes all the 'original' elements of the band but they are delivered in a more 'modern' and a slightly 'darker' way. Ok, let's face it, it's been 26 whole years since the classic debut and the band grew up. The sound here is more mature but, at the end, achieves to leave a sweet taste in your ears. The opening tune of "Touch" is what exactly Romeo's Daughter in 2015; heavier, 'darker' but with the melody in front row. "Love Will Come To Those That Wait" is just a brilliant power ballad and it's movin' to the band's earlier works. "Enemy" has a chorus line that will make you whistle it for days while "Tonight" seems like a leftover of the "Delectable" album. In "All Because Of You" we have a catchy up-tempo song with a beautiful chorus and a sweet melody to die for.

To sum up here, I'd say that "Spin" is overall a solid record. It includes a bunch of some killer tracks, Leigh Matty's amazing performances, a tight musicianship and something 'magic' from the past! 

Rating :8/10

Track Listing :
1. Touch
2. Already Gone
3. Love will come to those who wait
4. Enemy
5. Didn’t see it coming
6. Radio
7. Tonight
8. All Because of you
9. Perfect Plan
10. Tall Buildings

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