Tuesday, March 24, 2015

REVIEW : PETERIK - SCHERER / Risk Everything (2015)

The founding member of Survivor and Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jim Peterik collaborates with singer Marc Scherer and the result is this new really amazing project! It all started when Scherer began recording the vocals for his band Arc of Ages at the Burr Ridge studios in Chicago. Peterik was so impressed by what he heard, that he chose Marc to demo the tunes he wrote which ended up on the last Pride of Lions album, “Immortal”.

Scherer’s back-up singing on the album blends seamlessly with front man Toby Hitchcock’s voice. “When I heard Marc's amazing voice pouring though my studio door, I could not believe my ears” says Peterik. “Truly one of the best voices I’ve heard- and I’ve worked with the best!”

The truth here is that in "Risk Everything" there are some really incredible tunes that will please all fans of Survivor and Pride Of Lions. Every single track has something to offer and it includes great harmonies, melodies to die for, memorable hooks and choruses, an excellent musicianship but most of all superb performances.

From the opening tune of "Risk Everything", you'll be hit by a such an amazing and extremely melodic song that you are gonna sing-a-long for days. The chorus, the huge melody, the rhythm, everything here is flawed to perfection! A very Survivor-esque track! "Cold Blooded" starts off with a brilliant and bluesier riff and Scherer's smooth vocals. It's a sweet mid-tempo that features a big harmony and a chorus that is pure candy in my ears! This is probably one of the best tracks that Peterik has ever written, and you know that he wrote many great tracks!! "Thee Crescendo" includes a STYX 'touch' in it while in "How Long Is A Moment" we are dealing with a really beautiful and so emotional ballad. "Brand New Heart" is the perfect opener for your late night summer party and "Your Independence Day" is yet another 'edgier' melodic rock gem.

This is an impressive AOR release, full of great songs and superb performances that will please every melodic fan out there and especially the fans of Survivor!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :Risk Everything; Chance Of A Lifetime; Cold Blooded; Desperate In Love; Thee Crescendo; The Dying Of The Light; How Long Is A Moment; Brand New Heart; Broken Home; Milestones; Independence Day.

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