Sunday, August 10, 2014


After the really brilliant last year's "Magnitude", Tony Niva (Lion's Share) is back with another killer record that is entitled "INCREMENTAL IV". If you liked Niva's latest album, then you like this new opus as well, no doubt 'bout that. This is pure melodic hard rock heaven that includes strong melodies, great performances and memorable choruses.

The opening tune of "Don't You Know" is pure melodic rock bliss; a polished track that features a sweet melody, a killer chorus line, a tasty riff and Niva's amazing vocal lines! Brilliant stuff! "Crush" is heavier but again with a strong up-tempo rhythm and a chorus to sing-a-long for days. "Magnitude" is yet another highlight out of this new record with its typical Scandi melodic hard rock  sound. Of course, you'll also find out a couple of ballads such as the emotional "Travel Back In Time" and the 80's "All By Myself" that are both stunning! Listen, also, the up-tempo and extremely catchy "Lost And Found" and the incredible AOR-ish "Only You" and you'll discover a great album all the way. The Japan edition includes two bonus tracks (In The Ray Of Light and Leading Me On Again).

Bottom line is that Niva is here with another killer record that I personally find it enjoyable from start to finish. High quality melodic rock/hard rock stuff with great arrangements, emotional performances, plenty of melodies, a feel-good vibe and a crystal clear production that will make happy each and every single fan of this scene! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01. Don't You Know
02. Crush
03. Better Just Forgotten
04. Magnitude
05. The Reason Why
06. Travel Back In Time
07. Play The Game
08. Only You
09. Lost And Found
10. All By Myself
11. Coming Back To You
12. In The Ray Of Light (Bonus  Japan)
13. Leading Me On Again (Bonus Japan) 

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