Saturday, May 31, 2014

HELIX / Bastard Of The Blues (2014)

One of the biggest Canadian hard rock bands ever with an over 30 years career, with five gold and two platinum records under their belt and million albums sold, HELIX is back!!!! The new effort is entitled "Bastard Of The Blues" and is going to be released through Perris Records. The line-up consists of Kaleb Duck on lead guitar/vocals, Daryl Gray on bass/vocals/keyboards, Brian Vollmer on vocals, Chris Julke on guitar/vocals and Gregory "Fritz" Hinz on drums.

"Bastard Of The Blues" kicks-off the things here in a very interesting way; this is a great rocker with a huge blues vibe in it and some really inspired guitar work. "Even Jesus (Wasn't Loved in His Home Town)" is an ass-kicking rocker and in track number three, "Winning Is The Best Revenge", we have a more up-tempo crunchy rocker that includes all the HELIX trademarks and that means a sing-a-long chorus line, a nice melodic rhythm and a feel-good vibe. "Screaming At The Moon" rocks harder while in "Metal Midnight" Helix delivers a true hard rock gem in an old-fashioned way! Killer stuff!!

"Hell Bound For A Heartbreak" is a good song, very melodic with a cool groove in it while in "When All The Love Is Gone" we met the first ballad of the album. From the first notes, it is getting clear that the Gary Moore ghost surrounds this one. Amazing track with a really stunning guitar line and a chorus line to die for. "Axe To Grind" rocked my world for good and "Skin In The Game" grabbed me at once with its AC/DC-esque vibe! Both tracks are awesome! "The Bitch Is Bullet" is another cool boogie rocker with a strong blues touch in it! The song that closes this album, "Sticks & Stones" is movin' to some 70's, early 80's, rock paths.

Closing my review, I have to say that I enjoyed every single minute of HELIX' s new album. It's fun, it rocks and it includes solid performances, a blasting guitar work and a bunch of some killer songs. Check it out!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
01 Bastard of the Blues
02 Even Jesus (Wasn't Loved In His Hometown)
03 Winning is the Best Revenge
04 Screaming at the Moon
05 Metal at Midnight
06 Hellbound for a Heartbreak
07 When All the Love is Gone
08 Axe to Grind
09 Skin in the Game
10 The Bitch is a Bullet
11 Sticks & Stones

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