Thursday, January 9, 2014

PRIMAL FEAR / Delivering The Black (2014)

One of the top today's power metal acts is without any doubt Primal Fear. Former Gamma Ray, vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist/vocalist Mat Sinner, two of the most respected German metal musicians founded the band in late 1997.

"Delivering The Black" is these Germans' tenth studio album. Their last one, "Unbreakable", was a damn fine piece of pure Euro melodic power metal stuff and became their highest chart entry in Germany on Pos. 31 and charted in seven more countries. This new effort continues up where "Unbreakable" stopped and that means big and in-your-face riffs, powerful performances, a tight as hell musicianship and some really inspired songs as the two epic tracks of the album “When Death Comes Knocking” and the 10 minute opus “One Night In December”, spiced with big orchestral arrangements and complex sound designs.

"King For A Day" kicks-off the album in a typical Primal Fear way; a huge heavy intro-riff, Ralf Scheepers's powerful vocal lines and a great chorus line. Add to the above mentioned things the strong rhythm section and there you have a future Primal Fear classic tune!! "Rebel Faction" is another high-quality power metal anthem while in "When Death Comes Knocking" we have a really impressive song!! Melodic, heavy, epic, complex but 100% Primal Fear!! Another extremely interesting moment of the album, as I already mentioned above, is the 10 minute track of "One Night In December". Yes, another 'progressive', for this band, song! The Germans mix several elements and achieve to create a simply fantastic tune with an awesome chorus line that you'll whisper for days.

Their best album to date? Probably yes, if you ask me. Powerful to the bone with an amazing musicianship and top-notch performances "Delivering The Black" comes early of 2014 to claim a place in this year's top lists!! Superb album!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track list: King For a Day; Rebel Faction; When Death Comes Knocking; Alive & On Fire; Delivering the Black; Road to Asylum; One Night In December; Never Pray for Justice; Born with a Broken Heart; Innocent Man (*); Inseminoid; Man Without Shadow (*)

(*) Only available on Deluxe edition

DVD (Only available on Deluxe edition)– When Death Comes Knocking (video), King For A Day (video), Making of the Album (video).

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