Thursday, January 9, 2014

KNOWING2FLY / Here On My Feet (2014)

KNOWING2FLY is hailing from Italy and "Here On My Feet" is the band's debut album. The band has already released an EP back in 2008 that received some very good reviews and attracted the interest of many record labels.
Their music is a mix of modern hard rock with attitude and includes some aggressive guitars, nice vocal performances, strong melodic parts and the final result is overall good! The album starts off with three powerful and 'in-your-face' modern rockers ("3.2", "Burn This Rock" and "Point Of No Return") that, to be honest, not satisfied me a lot. But after that, comes a great tune; "My Demons". This is a brilliant mid-tempo rocker that made me push the repeat button several times. The melancholic vibe along with the sweet melody and the heavy, in some parts, guitars make this track the absolute highlight here!! "Hidden By You" is a rather average song while "Unhitch" is another interesting moment here. A complex tune that grabbed my interesting. "Specular Twin Diadems" is good and "Unwise" that closes the album is among my favorites from this album. It has a 'punchy' sound, attitude and must be played on maximum volume!!!

Overall, I have to say that this band has talent, no doubt 'bout that! The majority of songs didn't grabbed me and I find them a bit boring in my humble opinion. There are some songs here that are marvelous, just listen to "My Demons", and are showing the abilities of this band for some bigger things in the near future. So only time will tell.......
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 6/10

Track List :
1. 3.2, 2. Burn This Rock, 3.Point Of No Return, 4. My Demons, 5. Hidden By You, 6.You Are Your Only Bystander, 7. Drag Me To Hell Pt.1, 8. Drag Me To Hell Pt.2, 9. Unhitch, 10. Specular Twin Diadems, 11. Sun Reader, 12. Soothin' Myself, 13. UnWise

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