Monday, January 6, 2014

MOONLIGHT CIRCUS / Madness In Mask (2014)

After 13 years of silence, Moonlight Circus is back with their second effort which is entitled "Madness In Mask". The artwork was designed by Marta De Martin, known for her fabulous works with the debut album "Outskirts Of Reality" and the layout &art-direction by Oscar Petersson (OSUKARU, TRAGEDIAN, TOXICROSE etc.).

The sound of Moonlight Circus can be described as Epic melodic power metal and it's influenced by bands such as Kamelot, Labyrinth and Warlord with emphasis in powerful performances and the amazing guitar parts. Paolo Viani, the guitarist, is doin' an excellent job here regarding of the guitar work here!!

It's really difficult to find a weak moment or something average here 'cause all the songs are well-performed with a tight musicianship and top-notch performances. Highlights here are the epic tune of "Twilight Sky (Children Of The Rainbow)", my personal favorite "Winter Masquerade", the heavy up-tempo "The Duel (Back From The Edge Of Time)" and the 'darker'"Gabriel".

Bottom line is that "Madness In Mask" is a very good release that includes some really inspired music in it. With this album Moonlight Circus is aiming at bigger things in the near future.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
2.The Duel (Back From The Edge Of Time)
3.Moutains Of Madness
4.Winter Masquerade
5.Lord Of Sands
6.Twilight Sky (Children Of The Rainbow)
7.Wind Of Solitude

Emanuele Cendron – Vocals
Paolo Viani (BLACK JESTER, WARLORD - live) – Guitars
Gianluca Tassi (BLACK JESTER) – Bass
Daniele Soravia “The Druid” (BLACK JESTER, WARLORD – live, ex HELREID) – Keyboards
Salvatore Bonaccorso (ex HELREID) – Drums

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