Monday, January 6, 2014

ELDRITCH / Tasting The Tears (2014)

To be really honest here, when I reviewed the band's "Gaia's Legacy" back in 201,1 I had never heard about this band before and, of course, I didn't know what to expect. The final result was more than good in my ears and I was looking forward to the band's next step. So, nowadays, ELDRITCH is releasing the brand new "Tasting The Tears" and this is the ninth studio album in their almost 20 years career.

So, the question is what to expect from this new release? The answer is simple; big arrangements, powerful performances, amazing guitar riffs and solos and and incredible musicianship!! The songs are all well-written, well-performed and I'm talking about an overall solid record. The opening tune of "Inside Of You" is just brilliant; heavy but still melodic with a monstrous chorus line to die for and a great guitar work! "Tasting The Tears" is moving to the same hard 'n' heavy melodic paths while in "Alone Again" we have another winner! The sweet melody along with the heavy parts and the soaring vocals make this track the absolute highlight so far!! "The Trade" features strong arrangements and a stunning guitar solo and it's among my favorites from the new album. "Don't Listen" is one of the best progressive tunes that I have heard for years and "I Will Remember" that closes the album is an emotional ballad that includes heart-full performances.

This is a brilliant album!!! The mix of hard rock, heavy metal and progressive metal along with the big melodies, the amazing performances, the stunning guitar work and the strong songwriting make "Tasting The Tears" a must have for every single fan of the hard 'n' heavy scene in general!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
1. Inside You
2. Tasting the Tears
3. Alone Again
4. Waiting for Something
5. Seeds of Love
6. The Trade
7. Something Strong
8. Don't Listen
9. Iris
10. Love from a Stone
11. Clouds
12. I Will Remember

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