Saturday, January 11, 2014

CRYSTAL VIPER / Possession (2014)

CRYSTAL VIPER is the well-known female-fronted Heavy Metal act from Poland, founded in 2003 and led by the singer, guitarist and composer Marta Gabriel. After doing 4 full length studio albums and touring in most of the European countries, showing up on many festival stages (incl. Bang Your Head, Keep It True, Sabaton Open Air - Rockstad Falun, Metal Magic Festival, Headbangers Open Air or Magic Circle Festival), and mainly because of the classic songwriting and impressive stage presence, Crystal Viper managed to establish their position as one of the most hard working bands of this genre...

Nowdays, one and a half year after he premiere of their last full length album "Crimen Excepta", Crystal Viper is back to the music scene with the brand new "Possession". A concept effort about a young girl named Julia, where the movie-like story gets an unexpected twist, and surprise the listener with every single song. The band, also, managed to thank their most loyal supporters, their fans, in a very special way, and invited them to take part in the recording session of the album, that resulted in having more than 50 different persons sending in their "screams", which were used in the final mix of the album.

The band's sound is moving somewhere between Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Mercyful Fate with fast and 'in-your-face' metal tracks with strong melodic parts, solid arrangements and Marta's superb vocal performances. Just listen the classic metal anthem of "Voices in My Head", the heavy and catchy "Fight Evil With Evil", the doom-ish "Why Can't You Listen?" and the epic "We Are Many"  and you'll understand what I'm talkin' about.

A very interesting release all the way. To be honest, this is my first "contact" with Crystal Viper's music and I like it a lot. Classic heavy metal stuff with a powerful vocalist, some really superb tracks and fantastic guitar work; for all the 'classic' metal freaks out there go check this one out!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5 / 10

Track List :
1. Zeta Reticuli
2. Voices In My Head
3. Julia Is Possessed
4. Fight Evil With Evil
5. Mark Of The Horned One
6. Why Can't You Listen?
7. You Will Die You Will Burn
8. We Are Many
9. Prophet Of The End

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