Saturday, July 6, 2013


James Christian was, is and will be one of the top singers in the world of the melodic hard rock scene. His works with the legendary House Of Lords will always be all time classics. Also, his two previous solo releases are both excellent samples of pure melodic rock bliss. So, nowadays, this so talented guy is releasing his third solo album to date which is entitled "Lay It All On Me".

For this new release, Christian is collaborating with his partners in crime from HOL axeman Jimi Bell, BJ Zampa and Jeff Kent, the mighty Tommy Denander and his wife Robin Beck and the result will please each and every fan of House Of Lords but, also, every fan of today's melodic rock scene. Every single track here is a melodic rock bliss with 'clever' arrangements, up-tempo rhythms, powerful performances, catchy choruses and hooks and a commercial edge enough to make this album a killer one!

The fact is that I enjoyed this album better than the last House Of Lords effort. Ok, "Lay It All On Me" may not be original but, for sure, it's up-lifting, sounding fresh and has all the elements from the classic AOR scene that I love to hear. The production is crystal clear and as I said above it will please every fan of this genre. The opening tune of "Lay It All On Me" is pure melodic rock delight. It has a catchy chorus line to sing-a-long for days and fits perfectly in every House Of Lords earlier recordings. "Sacred Heart" features a 'punchier' sound while "Believe In Me" contains some sweet keyboards and a very nice melody. "Day In The Sun" is a brilliant and extremely melodic rocker while "You're So Bad" is a very good 'modern' rockier tune that will take you by surprise. Other highlights here are "Don't Come Near Me", "Sincerely Yours" and "Shot In The Dark".

All in all, this is another solid record from one of my all time favorite musicians, James Christian. I really enjoyed every single minute of this effort. I caught myself whistling most of the songs from the first listening and that's the thing that it counts most from a record; to grab you by the first moment. It's like a kinda of love at first sight you know. So don't hesitate and grab your copy now!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01. Lay It All On Me 
02. Sacred Heart 
03. Day In The Sun 
04. Believe In Me
05. You're So Bad 
06. Don't Come Near Me 
07. Let It Shine
08. She's All The Rage
09. Sincerely Yours
10. Shot In The Dark
11. Welcome To Your Future

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