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Since their creation, The Poodles always delivered some impressive melodic hard rock efforts with passionate performances, great arrangements and tight musicianship. Their debut album , "Metal Will Stand Tall", in 2006, was and still is considered as a classic record. Followed by the more straight forward "Sweet Trade" in 2007 to come to 2009 to the overall good "Clash Of The Elements".

In 2010, the band released its first live recording and the next year "Performocracy" was the Poodles' next step. So, nowadays, the quartet from Sweden is back with its brand new "Tour De Force". Their songs were always pure melodic hard rock bliss with emphasis to strong melodies, catchy choruses and hooks and ripping guitar solos and riffs. So, as in their previous albums, "Tour De Force" contains all the above elements that we love to hear from these guys.

In this album, you will discover some excellent tunes like the great anthemic opener of "Misery Loves Company"!! This track is simply huge and features the powerful performances by Jakob Samuelsson, a sing-a-long chorus and heavenly influenced guitar lines!! Other highlights are the straight forward rocker of "Kings And Fools", the heavy in-your-face "Viva Democracy" which reminds me of Metallica's "Black Album" era, the 'expected' "Going Down" and "Now Is The Time" and the amazing "En For Alla For En" (which is sung in their mother language) and it's originally written for this year's Worlds Championship of Ice Hockey which will take place in Sweden. "Shut Up!" is another up-tempo 80's rocker with a 'punchier' sound and a great chorus line.

All in all, this is another quality release by the mighty The Poodles. It's fun, it has attitude, great arrangements and powerful performances that will make every single fan of this band very happy!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Misery Loves Company
02. Shut Up!
03. Happily Ever After
04. Viva Democracy
05. Going Down
06. Leaving The Past To Pass
07. 40 Days And 40 Nights
08. Kings & Fools
09. Miracle
10. Godspeed
11. Now Is The Time
12. Only Just Begun
13. En För Alla För En (bonus track)

Jakob Samuel - vocals
Henrik Bergqvist - guitars
Pontus Egberg - bass
Christian Lundqvist - drums

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