Monday, February 25, 2013

Escape Music introduces ::: Snowfall ­ 'Cold Silence'

Snowfall are a Scandinavian band that are based in a very cold part of Norway, hence their name and album title! "PB" is no stranger to the music scene as he used to be in Winter Parade who have previously released two fine albums. When Winter Parade dissolved PB and Tore formed Snowfall and at first used a Norwegian Vocalist but then Lee Small (Shy / Phenomena) came into the scene and Snowfall really started to mature. Musically the band sound like a mixture of British and American eighties bands such as Whitesnake, Giant and Firehouse but they retain a Scandinavian trademark too. So you get the best of all worlds! 

The latest addition to Snowfall is a man used to all things "Cold", none other than Coldspell drummer Perra Johnson. To put the icing on the cake Martin Kronlund of Sweden was hired to twiddle the knobs (mixing and mastering) and of course the result is flawless.

The songs you will find on this debut album are a joint venture between the band members and it shines through in the quality of the material. A mixture of riffs, hooks and elaborate arrangements make the album an experience that will both grab you instantly and hold that interest long-term. An exciting thought indeed. Songs like Don't drive me home tonight, Wolf's lair and Citadel of Hope are all great examples of fine hard edged rock.
Snowfall are certainly a name to look out for in April, their debut is bound to cause an avalanche of publicity giving their future a much warmer prospect… 

Lineup: Lee Small ­ Vocals; Tore Meli ­ Guitars; “PB” Riise ­ Bass / Keyboards; Perra Johnson ­ Drums special guest.

Additional keyboards by Helge Flatgεrd, Additional backing vocals by Bjψrn Westum.
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Martin Kronlund at JM Studio, Gothenburg. Cover Art & Booklet Design By Carl-Andrι Beckston.

Track Listing: 01. Don't Drive Me Home Tonight 4:57 02. Citadel Of Hope 4:27 03. House Of Prayer 4:58 04. Heaven's Not Up There 5:00 05. Jack Of Diamonds 3:52 06. Wolf's Lair 4:43 07. I Won't Be Lonely Anymore 4:06 08. Stampede 4:10 09. Oscillate 5:20 10. Alexandria 4:08 11. The Vesper Bell 6:39.
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