Saturday, January 21, 2023

REVIEW : Autumn’s Child - Starflower (Pride & Joy Music, Release Date : 20.01.2023)

For a musician such as Mikael Erlandsson you need no recommedations; I mean that if you are a die hard of the Euro melodic rock/AOR scene, then you should have to know Mikael. His works with Last Autumn's Dream as well as with his new band (AUTUMN'S CHILD) 'speak' for themselves.

With 14 full-length records with his main band, LAD, Mikael was introduced to the Euro melodic rock scene as one of the most characteristic voices out there. After the break-up with Last Autumn's Dream, Mikael founded the group AUTUMN’S CHILD who have released three extremely successful albums so far; “Autumn’s Child” in 2019, “Angel’s Gate” in 2020 and “Zenith” in 2022. 

Nowadays, it's time for album number four entitled "Starflower". This is the second effort through Pride & Joy music and it's going to see the light of day this January. The group still features Michael Erlandsson on vocals, keyboards & guitars, Pontus Åkesson on lead guitar, Robban Bäck on drums, Claes Andreasson on piano and Magnus Rosen on bass.

As in his previous works (with both LAD and Autumn's Child) the same here Mikael continues to deliver strong, hook-laden and high quality melodic rock stuff that will make his fans extremely happy. In my humble opinion, this one sounds a bit better from his last opus and in some points a bit heavier. 

Some highlights out of the new record are the great and edgier opener "Gamechanger", the fast-paced "Welcome To The Show", "Karenina", the commercial "1995", "The Final Call" and "It's Not Too Late". 

All in all, Autumn's Child's brand new "Starflower" is an extremely enjoyable and solid melodic rock record that contains some really excellent tunes, a strong musicianship, Mikael's smooth performances and a positve vibe!!

Songwritting : 8
Production : 8
Songs : 8
Musicianship : 8

Overall rating : 8 /10 


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