Saturday, January 28, 2023

REVIEW : CREYE III Weightless (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 17 February 2023)

Now this is a release that I was extremely anxious for! CREYE is finally back with their brand new opus entitled "III : Weightless". The new effort is going to see the light of day this February (17th) through Frontiers Music

CREYE is one of the 'hottest' names in melodic rock business, that's for sure. Their glorious debut can be described as a classic AOR record that contained some excellent and pure AOR gems in a highest order. Their follow-up album "II" was a harder edged and more mature try all the way. An overall bigger sound and bigger by any meaning was and still is yet another piece of art by these Swedes! 

Nowadays, CREYE is releasing this new record and after the very first spin I have to say that we have a clear winner here. The amazing melodic lines, the bigger than life choruses, the edgy guitars and the amazing vocals by August Rauer compose a damn killer release!! 

The opener "Glorious" and the single "Air" are the first two highlights out of "III". Both are in the vain of the band's classic debut while in "One Step Away" the band expiriments a little and the result is just breathtaking! The big modern elements from their second album fits perfectly here and makes "One Step Away" one of the biggest moments out of the new record. "The Game" is just another fine example of a band that takes the level of the songs a step up and at the end it creates solid and beautiful music. The darker vibe here and the more technical part are the cherry on the top! 

"Spreading Fire" was the first sample that I've heard from the new album and it's about a harder edged melodic rock gem with a killer chorus line enough to make you sing-a-long! Play it on 10!!! The AOR-ish "Weightless", the pop-rock "How Far" and the 'heavier' "In The Shadows" are all three AMAZING tunes; period!  "Stay" is a cool mid-tempo while "Dangerous" contains a nice groove and a 'tasty' pop-ish feeling. The new album closes with yet another monsterous melodic rock song; "Pieces" is one of those tracks that makes you wanna turn on the volume on maximum!! 

CREYE with their brand new opus comes to proove why this band is among the elit of today's Melodic Rock/AOR scene. Their ability to write great (....and ultra-catchy) songs, their top-notch performances  and their out of this world melodies are unique! As I mentioned above "III : Weightless" is a true and clear winner!! A must have purchase!

🏆 10 / 10 

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