Monday, April 23, 2018

REVIEW : JK Northrup & David Cagle --- That's Gonna Leave A Mark (2018, MelodicRock Records)

This new project by MelodicRock Records shows the collaboration between JK Northrup (King Kobra) and singer David Cagle who is well-known for his work with Liberty & Justice. This new opus is sensational for each and everyone who loves the melodic hard rock/AOR sound. 
This collaboration for this album started back in 2014 but due to some issues the record never show the light of day. Nowadays, and thanks to the MelodicRock Records, "That's Gonna Leave A Mark" is remastered (some of the songs), re-arranged and with the addition of a strong rhythm section such as Eric Ragno, Larry Hart and Steve Brown is finally out for your ear pleasure. 

The opening tune of "The Night Is Mine" rocks big time! An old-fashioned rocker that's sounds the best appetizer of what's to follow. "Gone" is a bit modern with a 'darker' vibe in it but with a killer chorus line that will make you whistle it for days. Great stuff!!! "The Moment" is yet another highlight out of this new album. U.S. flavored rock that includes a nice melody, some acoustic parts and Cagle emotional vocals. "Another Goodbye", the heavier "That's Gonna Leave A Mark" and the catchy tune of "Forever Starts Tonight" are solid samples. Just check out also the funkier "The Siren" (JK Northrup really shines here) which is one of my favorite tracks here!

My congratulations goes to both JK Northrup and David Cagle for releasing such a solid opus all the way. It's fun, entertaining and there's no filler in sight. Good old-fashioned melodic hard rock stuff with a modern approach. 

Rating : 8/10 

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