Saturday, April 6, 2013

SUMMERS / 364 (2013)

Southampton, UK based melodic rockers Summers are ready to shake the melodic rock scene with their debut album which is titled "364". The band took its name from two brothers, Crash and Ricky Summers who formed the band back in 2007. Their dream were to create a band to play their influenced 80's melodic rock with a modern rock vibe.

They are heavenly influenced from bands such as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and other big names of the 80's, early 90's, glorious hard rock scene. So, what about we're going to hear from Summers is a well-crafted melodic rock album full of great hooks, choruses, a feel-good vibe, some incredible harmonic Def Leppard-ish layered vocals and an overall solid production!! These guys have plenty of talent, I can assure you 'bout that! From the opening tune of "Shot In The Dark", you will be impressed by these youngsters! This is a huge track with a nice melody, attitude and a great guitar work! "Superhero" is another great sample of Summers' music that reminds me Def Leppard's latest works (S.L.A.N.G.). "Girls" is a sleazier (lyrically) tune that has a 'modern' vibe in it while "Too Late", the band's first video single, could easily appeared in Lep's "Adrenalize" album!! Awesome stuff!! "Let's Make Love" is a typical 80's power ballad that features a 'moodier' feeling and a fantastic guitar work! One of my personal favorites from this album! Listen, also, to the "Told You So" and you will love these guys!!!,

Overall this is an excellent release! "364" 'smells' Def Leppard from miles away! The influences from the hard rock legends are more than obvious but that's no crime at all!! These rockers love their idols and they present a fantastic album with no filler in sight! Powerful performances, the Leppard ghost in all over the album, great guitar work, a tight production in a Mutt Lange style and some catchy as hell you want more??
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List :
01 - Shot In The Dark
02 - Superhero
03 - Girls
04 - Too Late
05 - Sometimes
06 - Steal Away
07 - Let's Make Love
08 - Billy
09 - Let's Go Round
10 - Told You So
11 - Terminator
12 - Rockmachine

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