Friday, March 26, 2010

Dirty Rhythm / Hard As A Rock (1991)

Another one gem of the hair metal scene in the late 80's-early 90's. A band that could be huge back then. Dirty Rhythm were a hair metal band from Canada with a sound similar to Skid Row, XYZ and Hardline, but like so many bands of that golden hair metal era they faded away. They had a very talented vocalist, who in some tracks you can hear the S. Bach influences loud n' clear. A tight band with a strong musicianship and a very good production. The album is very rare and it's very difficult to find it or if you find it you have to pay a fortune. Highlights of the album is the whole album!!! All in all a very strong hair metal release with attitude, heavy-crunchy guitars, a very talented vocalist and some really super-cool tunes that are goona make you want more!! Buy it!!!
HeavyParadise's Rating: 9,5/10
 Track List:

01. Feel The Fire02. I Can't Wait03. Blinded04. Hot N' Cold05. Hard As A Rock06. Backside Of Love
07. Reach Out08. One Summer Night09. Hold On (Forever Tonight)10. Waiting For The Money11. Burn Out The Night12. Bad Girls


  1. That's one of my favorite US Hard Rock's band ! I love this release, I love the band !
    Do you want more, Mister Guitarman ? Take a look here :
    Mister Bonds and Troy Miller are still alive ! :)
    Just one bad news : they have closed their Myspace :(

  2. And here, the new band of Brian Harrison ;)
    I hope this informations could help you :)

  3. Hey Axl, I have visited , and I have to say that Dirty Little Fingers is a cool band, much more different than Dirty Rhythm but for sure a cool hard rock sound! It reminds me the third album of Bad Moon Rising-"opium for the masses" (a cool one too)