Sunday, January 6, 2019

REVIEW : Blood Red Saints --- Pulse (AOR Heaven RELEASE DATE : 22 February 2019)

Blood Red Saints is a band that back in 2015 released its debut opus, "Speedway", through Frontiers Music. It was an overall superb sample of old-fashioned melodic hard rock stuff and contained some excellent tunes in it. Three years later, Blood Red Saints returned to business with album number two. This time "Love Hate Conspiracies" released through AOR Heaven and showed a more modern and AOR-ish side of the band. It was a solid opus but not classic at least for the debut standards. 

Nowadays, the band strikes back with album number three, again through AOR Heaven, with the title "Pulse". "Pulse" shows the band to experiment a little bit regarding its sound. The sound here is a bit more modern but without missing the catchy choruses and the melodic rock side of the band. Imagine Def Leppard on their latest records and you'll get the picture of how this new one sounds. Personally I like this band a lot. The debut is still one of my personal favorites and the second one is still in a regular basis in my cd player. 

The opening tune of "Believer" is just cool modern melodic hard rock. It is what I've described above; Def Leppard goes a bit modern! It's a song that reminded me of Def Leppard's latest album. "Animals" rocks harder with a huge chorus line while in "Invincible"  the band delivers another yet very good and very melodic hard rock track. This one is really one of the album's highlights. Next, "I'm Your Devil" is a kinda Blood Red Saints goes hair metal!!! Yes, this one is a totally late 80's hair metal and I just love it! I love the punkier vibe in it, I love the lyrics, I just love every little thing here; it's funny and rocks good! The groovier "Pulse", the Daughtry-esque "What Have We Become" and the beautiful mid-tempo "Bring Me To Life" are all three very good songs out of the new album.  

All in all, this is yet another strong effort from Blood Red Saints. Maybe it is a bit more modern regarding the band's last two releases but for sure it's an opus that will please all the fans of the modern melodic hard rock sound. The band kept all its classic elements (big melodies, hooks e.t.c) and updated its sound making "Pulse" a strong purchase for every hard rock fan out there. 

Rating : 8/10 

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