Sunday, November 11, 2018

REVIEW : LIPZ --- SCARYMAN (Street Symphonies Records, 2018)

Do you miss the days when Shotgun Messiah, Tigertailz, Pretty Boy Floyd and Motley Crue were ruling the airwaves? If yes, then check out the brand new album by LIPZ with the title "Scaryman". The history of Lipz begins back in 2011, when Klintberg bros Alexander (Vocals, Guitar) and Koffe (Drums) decided to build up a new band together with their best friend Conny Svärd (Guitar).

Their first single "Ghost Town" was released in September 2012, followed three years after their official EP called "Psycho". Nowadays, the band is proud to present its debut full-length opus and promises to bring back the glorious sound of Glam Metal back. 

The opening tune of "Scaryman" is the first big sample of LIPZ's music. 80's glam metal with loud guitars, gang bang vocals and attitude. Do you need more? Don't worry, "Star", "Get Up On The Stage" and "Get It On" are all songs that's gonna make every serious glam metal fan extremely proud. And, of course, all the songs must be played on maximum volume! "Tick Tock" and "Trouble In Paradise" are both glamtastic!!!! Both songs are just pure glam metal heaven! 

Bottom line is that LIPZ with their debut opus, "Scaryman", bring back the glory 80's Glam Hard Rock/Metal sound with style, no doubt bout that! So, if you are a fan of this particular scene and love bands such as early Motley Crue, Tigertailz or Shotgun Messiah, then this record's for ya!!! 

Rating : 8,4/10

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