Saturday, April 21, 2018


GUS G needs no introduction, that's for sure! This guitar virtuoso is well-known as the lead axeman for the legendary OZZY and , also, for the melodic metal act of FIREWIND. Nowadays, GUS G is releasing his brand new opus with the title "Fearless" through AFM Records. For this release Gus collaborates with Pink Cream 69's mastermind Dennis Ward and drummer Will Hunt of Evanescence. 
"Fearless" is an album that has it all; melodies, powerful performances, a tight musicianship, a big sound and last but not least GUS G's amazing guitar skills! Yes, this man is, imho, one of the best guitarists out there and "Fearless" proves this in a glorious way. I think that the collaboration with Dennis Ward gives to the final result the extra 'push' to become a great record all the way.

The first couple of songs that open "Fearless", 'Letting Go' & 'Mr. Manson', are what you expect from Gus and his gang. Melodic metal songs that features a big heavy groove, clever arrangements and Gus's superb guitar lines. "Don't Tread On Me" is insane!!! More hard rocking with a killer chorus line and a huge guitar solo "Don't Tread On me" is a true highlight!!! The self-titled and instrumental "Fearless" is for Gus what was for George Lynch "Mr. Scary"!!! Check it out and you'll understand what I'm talking about. "Nothing To Say" is a mid-tempo gem that sounds a bit like Pink Cream 69 (Dennis Ward is responsible for that....). It's without any doubt one of the album's highlights. Melodic, powerful with Ward's emotional vocals on front row this track is killer! 
Next, we have the cover of Dire Straits hit "Money For Nothing". Heavier than the original but somehow doesn't fit, imho, in this record. I would prefer another cover but hey that's only my opinion. "Chances" is the most diverse song so far but to be honest I love it! Modern with a heavy pop vibe in it this track is pure gold!! "Thrill of A Chase" is the second instrumental song and it's once again a killer one while in "Big City" Gus and Co. delivers a monstrous blues based heavy rock cut. This new album closes with "Last Of My Kind". Once again we are dealing with a great mid-tempo heavy rock song that is among my personal favorites from "Fearless". 

I think that you got a picture of how "Fearless" sounds. It's a mixed bag of melodic metal, hard rocking, soulful music that is surrounded by great musicians and above all Gus G.'s out of this world guitar playing. 

Rating : 9/10

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