Sunday, April 15, 2018

REVIEW : 17 Crash --- Hit The Prey (April 2018, Volcano Records)

The story of this sleaze hard rock band started back in 2011 in Italy. 17 Crash is a band that is heavenly influenced by the late 80's U.S. sleaze melodic hard rock scene and their aim is to bring back this sound big and loud. The debut, "Reading Your Dirty Minds", was released in 2015 through Demon Doll Records and left a promise for bigger things in the near future.

Nowadays, the band strikes back with its brand new album which is entitled "Hit The Prey" through Volcano Records. "Hit The Prey" is mixed n' mastered by Simone Mularoni of DGM at Domination Studio and features keyboard player Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine) as a guest.

After the intro of "Approaching" comes the first sample of the new album; "Lies" sounds bigger than life! Call it glam metal, sleaze or just melodic hard doesn't matter at all 'cause this one is just awesome!! Up-tempo, fun with a loud chorus line "Lies" is just killer!!!

The rougher "Can't Touch" and the ultra catchy tune of "Out Of It" are two more great tunes that's gonna travel you back to the 80's while in "Scream My Name" we are dealing with yet another killer track. Heavier, groovier and punchier this one is among my personal favorites out of the new opus. It's time for the first ballad of "Hit The Prey". "In The Eyes Of A Woman" is a sensational and classic power ballad in a way that reminds bands such as Poison, Prophet and Danger Danger!!!  "Brighter Day" and "dead City" are both hair metalisious!!!!!!

Yep, this is yet another extremely interesting release!! 17 Crash is a band that stays focus to its 80's influences (hair metal, glam, sleaze, e.t.c.), no doubt 'bout that! These guys put, also, heart, soul and muscle to their music and, at the end, they create a damn solid album that can't be missed by any fan of the melodic hard rock sound in general. 

Rating : 8,5/10 

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