Monday, January 9, 2017

REVIEW : UNITY -- Almost There (2017)

UNITY is  a melodic hard rock band that hails from Poland and "Almost There" is entitled the band's second record. They have already released a debut, "Promised Land" and nowadays the band is ready to unleash its brand new effort that will impress each and every single fan of the melodic rock/hard rock genre, in general, out there.

For sure, this band is not your ordinary melodic hard rock act. It achieves to combine perfectly the late 80's hard rock sound with a more 'modern' rock approach that makes the final result extremely enjoyable from start to finish. Fans of bands such as Winger, Richie Kotzen and Kid Rock(!!) will find Unity an overall pleasant listening!!!

The opening tune of "You're My Bad Dream" sounds like it 'jumped' out from a late-Winger album!!! It's a powerful and very technical hard rock gem and a track that impressed me the most! The vocals are very close to Kip Winger's performances and the sound is similar to Winger's late three records. "Rosie" is movin' to some more commercial 80's hard rock paths and in "Bad Reputation" we are dealing with yet another very Winger-esque tune!!! Brilliant and powerful!!!!

"Angels" is a beautiful acoustic mid-tempo track while in "Summer Nights" the band delivers, once again, a solid song with a catchy chorus in it. "American Beauty" includes more groove in it (the Richie Kotzen influences are obvious...) and "About Last Night", the closer, is a rather average track imho.

All in all, this is a solid record all the way!!! It includes a bunch of some really killer tunes in it, strong performances, a tight songwriting and excellent guitar lines!! Of course, the Winger 'touches' in most of the songs gives to the final result an extra push and, at the end, it creates a very interesting record that will be appreciated by any fan of this particular scene. 

Rating : 8/10

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