Friday, November 25, 2016

REVIEW : Avenford / New Beginning (2017)

Avenford is an Hungarian Melodic Metal band that was formed back in 2012 by guitarist Peter Szehoffner and guitarist/vocalist Arpie Gamson. The idea was to create a project based on their music influences (Malmsteen, Lande and Iron Maiden to name a few) but also to put their own identity.

The result was a debut record with the title "Mortal Price”. Since then and after a couple of line-up changes the band is ready to unleash its brand new 'baby' which is entitled "New Beginning". The new record features some special guests such as Apollo Papathanasio (Majestic, ex-Firewind), Roland Grapow (Masterplan), Piotr Sikora (Exlibis), Zoltan Marothy (Kiss Forever band) and Zoltan Kiss (Iron Maidnem).

The sound of Avenford can be described as Melodic Metal with a strong emphasis on melodies, the heavy riffing and the very good performances. All of the songs here are well-performed and there are plenty of guitar solos enough to attract each and every guitar maniac out there.

"Back In Time" is the first big moment out of "New Beginning". This excellent melodic metal slice grabbed my attention at once. It's heavy, melodic, technical and with a catchy enough chorus line. What else do I ask? In "Assassin" the band delivers a heavier and more progressive metal hymn while in the beautiful instrumental "Maze Of Visions" Avenford shows its sensitive side. "New Beginning" is yet another killer tune. Extremely technical song with some brilliant guitar lines this song is the absolute highlight here. The variety of tempos is givin' to the final result an extra flavor. The band 'speeds up' with the rather average, imho, and much heavier "Overlord" and with "Dark Angel" we have another killer and more up-tempo metal hymn that sticks in your mind.

For sure, this is another album that came out of nowhere and impressed me at once!!! It includes a couple of average tunes but when it comes to some killer melodic metal gems then it transformers into a metal beast ready to conquer the metal world. 

Rating : 8,2/10 

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