Sunday, April 3, 2016

REVIEW : DRIVE, SHE SAID / Pedal to the Metal (2016)

So here we are with one of 2016 most anticipated new releases. One of the most respected melodic rock bands is without any doubt the power duo of Al Fritsch and Mark Mangold well-known as Drive, She Said. The band that gave us gems such as "Drive, She Said" (1989) and "Drivin' Wheel" (1991) is back in business with a new record with the title "Pedal To The Metal".

The new record, besides the extremely talented duo of Fritsch/Mangold, featuures an impressive list of guests such as Tommy Denander, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Kenny Aronoff, Goran Edman, Chandler Mogel, Ted Poley and Randy Jackson (to name a few) that contributes so as "Pedal To The Metal" to become another favorite Drive, She Said album.

"Touch", which opens the new album, is a killer commercial melodic rock stuff that includes a big hook, loud gang-bang vocals and a sing-along chorus line!! With "Pedal To The Metal" Drive, She Said delivers a fast-paced rocker with attitude and some tasty guitar licks while in "Said It All" we have a sweet 80's rock ballad. "Rainbows And Hurricanes" is an outstanding track with its more pop-ish vibe and the 'punchier' "Rain Of Fire" puts more muscle!!  Another gem out of the new album is the last song "All I Wanna Do" that steals the show with its beautiful acoustic parts and its superb melody.

"Pedal To The Metal" is overall another high-class melodic rock stuff in Drive, She Said's catalog. It includes a bunch of some serious and ass-kickin' rockers, the 'necessary' slower moments, a great guest list and, most of all, it includes the talent of these two musicians that reflects in every single tune here.

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1. Touch
2. Pedal To The Metal
3. In 'R Blood
4. Said It All
5. Writing On The Wall
6. Rainbows And Hurricanes
7. Love Will Win In The End
8. Rain Of Fire
9. In Your Arms
10. I’m The Nyte
11. Lost In You

12. All I Wanna Do 

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