Thursday, March 17, 2016

REVIEW : SHOTGUN - Live - Down Decadencia Drive (2016)

Shotgun Messiah was undoubtedly one of the best Sleaze Heavy Rock bands back then and, in my humble opinion, their "Second Coming" release is considered of one of the best of its kind and one of my personal favorites of this scene. Their debut, a bit more raw and in-your-face compared to the second one, was a very strong sample of the band's capabilities and truly it's a shame that Shotgun Messiah didn't released more albums.

In 1993, "Violent New Breed"was released and it wa s a 'strange' record that divided the feelings of the band's die hard fans. For me it wasand still is a superb slice of 'modern' and powerful heavy metal stuff. The years that followed saw the band's members in various projects/bands such as MARILYN MANSON, TOM WAITS and ZAN CLAN.

Nowadays, and 25 years after the release of their classic debut, ZINNY J. ZAN (vocals) and STIXX (drums) decided to join forces and to revive the glory days of Shotgun Messiah with a Live album. The two missing 'pieces' of the Shotgun puzzle are two long time fans of the band, the guitarist of Danger Danger Rob Marcello and the talented musician / producer Chris Laney.

The "Live - Down Decadencia Drive" is a new version, but with the same attitude, of the debut, "Shotgun Messiah" which was released in 1989. Zinny's voice has the same toughness, is rough and a bit more mature than it was back then and Rob Marcello's guitar licks are the cherry on top!! The rhythm section is solid and the audience participates in each song and generally the party doesn't stop!! With the first notes of "Squeezin Teazin"  Shotgun put us directly on the mood and with 'Nowhere Fast', 'Don't Care Bout Nothin'' and  'Shout It Out' the adrenaline pounding red !!!!!

Overall, this is a kinda of a live record that should be owned by each and every single fan of Shotgun Messiah and generally a live album made by the band for the fans !!!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Squeezin Teazin
2. I'm Your Love
3. Bop City
4. Nowhere Fast
5. Dirt Talk
6. Nervous
7. Shout It Out
8. Don't Care Bout Nothin'

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