Sunday, March 13, 2016

REVIEW : LoReLey / Here We Are Again (2016)

The melodic rock band of LoReley was born in France in 1981, located in Valencia, Spain since 1992, with influences from Mr Big, Extreme, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and Queen to name a few. They have won various competitions such as the name of the village of Buñol. They have, also, shared stage with bands such as Zarpa or Sagrat, and they have toured in France, Switzerland and Germany.

Their music is simple, up-tempo with nice melodies, solid arrangements, tight songs and rough vocals (the vocalist here reminds me of Paul Shortino) with attitude. For sure, this band is influenced by the late 80's Melodic Rock/ Classic Hard Rock scene and that's a thing that reflected in their music.

"Looking Away" is the album's first highlight; it's an up-tempo, fast-paced rocker that includes all the things that I mentioned above plus a super-catchy chorus. The superb "No Limits" is movin' to some more Scandi-melodic rock paths while in "Let's Stop" we are dealing with yet another cool and catchy tune. "Rock To Roll Out" has a lot of groove in it, "Mr. Money" includes some 'crunchy' guitars and a more classic rock sound and the technical "TV Business" is one of my personal favorites from the new record.

A solid and melodic record by LoReLey that focus on big melodies, clever compositions, powerful performances and, of course, stays focus on bands of the so-called 'Golden Era' of Hard Rock/AOR . Well done!!!

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
01 - Here We Are Again
02 - Looking Away
03 - Boogie Tonight
04 - No Limits
05 - Dirty Dream
06 - Let’s Stop
07 - Crazy
08 - Rock To Roll Out
09 - Mr. Money
10 - TV Business

11 - Time Is Up 

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