Saturday, March 12, 2016

REVIEW : HEAVY STAR / Electric Overdrive (2016)

Marco K-ACE is the brainchild behind this really superb heavy rockers of HEAVY STAR. Marco is well-known for his collaboration with Chris Catena on his debut album FREAK OUT (along with artists like Glenn Hughes, John Lawton, Bernie Marsden, Dave Meniketti, Bruce Kulick, Tommy Aldridge, Eric Singer, and more...).

The sound of Heavy Star is influenced by bands such as Lynch Mob, Skid Row, Ratt and Tesla, to name a few and it includes big and 'fat' guitars, powerful vocals, attitude and more attitude!!! Take for example, the opening tune of "Love N Affection" and you'll understand what I'm talking about! This is a track that, if it has been released back in the late 80's, it could have been a major hit!!! The guitars, the hook and chorus and generally everything here is pure 80's hard rock heaven!!! "Blessed" is for sure blessed by Skid Row of the "Slave To The Grind" era while the 'Hairy' "Desperation Alley" brings back memories form Lynch Mob of the first two records. Superb stuff!!! The same goes with the solid and in-your-face "Wicked Seed (Fallen)".

Heavy Star is a band that you can't go wrong if you are into the L.A. scene of the late 80's, early 90's, and bands such as Lynch Mob, Skid Row and Ratt. A band that for sure knows how to rock your world in an old fashioned way!!!

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1 - Love and Affection
2 - Blessed
3 - Electric Overdrive
4 - Higher Than The Sun
5 - Desperation Alley
6 - Love Gun
7 - Wicked Seed (Fallen)
8 - Serena

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