Tuesday, March 29, 2016

EXORCISM recruit TORE MOREN on guitars and MARK CROSS on drums Immediate Press release

Heavy Doom metallers EXORCISM featuring RAVEN LORD and METAL MACHINE's CSABA ZVEKAN (vocals) have recruited ex JORN, guitarist TORE MOREN to their ranks.

EXORCISM is also adding MARK CROSS on drums to the line up. CROSS has performed in bands like the SCORPIONS, HELLOWEEN, KINGDOM COME and TAINTED NATION.

The band is currently at TOTAL MASTER SOUND STUDIOS, Basel in Switzerland to record their 4th release with an undisclosed title and is scheduled to be release later this year 2016.

Singer and bandleader CSABA ZVEKAN comments:
“It’s going to be an exciting year 2016. With Nic Angileri, Mark Cross and Joe Stump we are working  already in TOWER OF BABEL and a couple of other bands. Me and Mark Cross have already discussed the possibility to join EXORCISM last year. Now it has became reality. I am very proud to have this World-class drummer in the band.
EXORCISM is picking up more and more live dates in Europe. So things might get much easier with an all European line up. We have chosen TORE MOREN  who already played together with NIC ANGILERI on his solo projects as well as both played with JORN LANDE

MARK CROSS stated : “...Working with EXORCISM is a new challenge and very inspiring. We started working with ZVEKAN in TOWER OF BABEL, which was big fun and the album turned out to be absolutely fantastic. Now I also set course onto EXORCISM recordings and playing shows. The Sabbath moods in this band are very interesting and the lineup strong and superb.There´s nothing wrong with making new projects and playing in many bands, nowadays you gotta keep busy and play as much as you fuckin´can, you know what I mean?".......See you on the road in May, looking forward to play some heavy drums for ya people!

Guitarist TORE MOREN overjoyed comments:”...I´m very proud to be invited to join these hard rocking guys. They are great musicians, and we hit it off instantly. This is going to be a new era for both me and EXORCISM - and I once again have the pleasure of working with my long-time brother Nic (ANGILERI). We´re ready to kick ass!..."

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